Informing MEPs – Online and Glossy Newsletters


MEPs needed to be informed. There was a lot of technical, socio-economic and trade issues to be dealt with – and misinformation to be countered! We then produced a series of newsletters for MEPs, both glossy and email newsletters. The seven glossies were distributed in all the MEPs pingeonholes. In each newsletter, we also produced an update on the online petition that was signed on Facebook and on Each newsletter was also produced in an email format, and sent to all MEPs.

We also produced a special report, after discovering that seal fur products were disguised as other fur in some shops throughout the EU!

Issue N°1

HSI Newsletter Week 1 280209_01

HSI Newsletter Week 1 280209_02

Issue N°2

HSI Newsletter Week 2 050309_01HSI Newsletter Week 2 050309_02

Issue N°3

HSI Newsletter Week 3 160309_01HSI Newsletter Week 3 160309_02

Issue N°4

HSI Newsletter Week 4 260309_01

Issue N°5

HSI Newsletter Week 5 290409_01HSI Newsletter Week 5 290409_02

Special report

HSI Newsletter Week 5 special report 290409_03HSI Newsletter Week 5 special report 290409_04

Issue N°6

HSI Newsletter Week 6 210409_01HSI Newsletter Week 6 210409_02

Issue N°7

HSI Newsletter Week 7 290409_01HSI Newsletter Week 7 290409_02

Credits Photo: Fuel design

Online advertising on and

Advertising was also online.

We put flash banners on and throughout the entire campaign, rotating between the home page and the internal pages of the websites.

Click on the images below to see the ads!




Photo credits: Humane Society International and Marcus Gyger.

Advertising in national newspapers

Member States had a major role to play, and never could we have left them without direct communication.

Therefore, two series of ads were produced and placed in…

France – Le Figaro


France 2_01

Spain – El Pais


Spain 2_01

Ireland – The Irish Independent


Germany: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Italy: La Reppublicca










Seal Report in the Parliament Magazine

When the trade in seal product ban started to gain momentum, we proposed to Parliament Magazine to publish an opinion piece from Rebecca Aldworth, the Director of Humane Society International Canada.

They eventually ran a full report, with articles from every player in the arena, from IMCO Rapporteur Diana Wallis to Canadian and NGO representatives.

Read the Seals Report in the Parliament Magazine 16/02 edition.

Advertising in the Parliament Magazine

The advertising campaign started in the Parliament Magazine with the first installment of a series of ads with strong visual impact and focused messaging.

(click on image to see full size)


A dedicated website

Humane Society International created a, a dedicated European website, with regular updates on the campaign, blog posts, videos and photos from the hunt in Canada – that was happening at the same time as we were lobbying the institutions, campaigning resources for citizens, and a form to sign the online petition.


PR materials for MEPs


The campaign was rolling, and it was weeks before the European elections. Thenrefore, the HSI team set up camp in the European Parliament with a photographer. MEPs were encouraged to take photos in front of a Ban Seal Trade banner, and use them in their campaign communication. We also produced videos they could use, and DVDs of ice hunt footage for their information.