To the big screen – Giant messaging in Brussels and Strasbourg

Because bigger is better, we set up a giant LED screen in Brussels – twice – and in Strasbourg.

The screens broadcasted our message non-stop during a few days each time, called to sign the online petition and summarized our main arguments. We made a point to suggest the violent of the hunt rather than bluntly showing violence, and after years spent observing seals and their family, we had plenty of cute images to show!

In Strasbourg, the screen was up from 8.00 to 10.00 pm every days leading to the vote. And as soon as the text was adopted, we found time to change the film to a new one thanking MEPs for their historic decision!

The screen in Brussels



Click on the picture below to watch the movie!


The screen in Strasbourg



Click on the image below to see the thank you video!


Photo credits: Humane Society International and Marcus Gyger.