Reaching out to the public – seals distribution

Public support – and strong images – were reinforced when we distributed thousands of fluffy baby seal toys before the major IMCO Committee vote in Brussels, and before the Plenary vote in Strasbourg.




IMCO Committee vote

While our hostesses handed out thousands of fluffy seals at the entrances of the European Parliament and on Place Luxembourg, each IMCO MEP received one at the door of its desk, complete with its fake voting card which summarized our main arguments!

20090226 MEP Voting card label_01

20090226 MEP Voting card label_02

Plenary vote

When it was time to go to Strasbourg for the vote in Plenary, we distributed again thousands of seals at the doors of the European Parliament buildings… and put our doorhandle “position paper” on each door of each MEP’s office!

Credits photos: Fuel design, S. Kircher